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november in vienna.


November in Vienna is as magical as it can be. The mood, the fairy lights and the smell of glühwein bring the Christmas spirit right on time. I was most fascinated by the Opera House Staatsoper where we saw La Bohème by Puccini. Word has it that on the opening night of the opera, a man said it looks like a train station and on the next day the architect killed himself. To me it looked glorious and lavish making it a must visit place in Vienna. Unfortunately my phone camera didn’t do it in justice so I have not uploaded photos.

The flagship of Swarovski was also mesmerising. If you get hypnotised like by the sparkle and reflection of the crystals you should definitely visit it. There is a huge vintage collection dating back nineties worn by opera singers, actors and the beautiful princess Sisi.

We walked from a Christmas market to another Christmas market smelling the wines and punches mixed ginger breads houses. I caught up with my beautiful friend Svoboda and walked around the gardens in Schönbrunn. I am already looking forward to visiting Vienna again during the summer to make most of those endless gardens and take as many photos as I can of course!


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